Crop Circle Ingredients: Part II

East Garafraxa, August 28, 2002 © Eugene Lammerding

Does it take more than an open field and a canvas of wheat to create a crop circle?

Are these communications from a civilization in a faraway spiral galaxy or are they tweeks from our ancestors, some ancient civilization trying to get our attention? Are they the language of the Earth, her spirits and a bridge to our future?

What exactly are the “ingredients” for a crop circle? Here in Part II, Part I would like to shine a little light on a small group of things that I think go along with the formation of a crop circle…and some of these things go “bump in the night.”

There are tales of strange balls of light; some small white lights that dance in the sky or fly over the formations, some large orange gaseous balls of light that travel close to the ground, some pencil-thin beams of light that shoot down from the clouds, unusual electrical and animal disturbances are noted around the time of the formations, the inter-connection of power lines, underground aquifers, magnetic disturbances, time displacements, and the occasional beeping ufo. Locations vary, but they are beginning to give us a glimpse of where we’re going with all this. There is a propensity to show up near megalithic sites and ancient burial mounds, and near secure military bases. How is this possible? Where does this form of “intelligence” come from and what is it trying to tell us?

I got a first hand glimpse into the world of magnetic anomalies living in a small town called Orton, Ontario in the mid 1970’s. There I experienced the balls of light, the underground aquifers, the time displacement, electrical and animal disturbances and the beeping ufos.

There I saw a huge field of cattle corn downed for almost as far as the eye could see.

Although I live in Florida now, I go back to Orton as part of a curious pilgrimage every year, looking for clues as to what happened to me, and why I’m so drawn to crop circles and their mystery. Last year we had a triplet formation in the township in which I had lived in Orton, and I spent a portion of my visit there this year interviewing local farmers and meeting up with the farmer who found this triplet formation.

East Garafraxa, August 28, 2002 © Eugene Lammerding

Eugene Lammerding took me to the exact location, which was a scant three miles north of Orton and the place where I lived. I knew then, there was more to Orton than I realized and I had been making my pilgrimage for a reason.

I was uncovering a truth, some knowledge that was yet unknown to me, but one which seems to hold a lot of promise.

Eugene Lammerding © Lindy Tucker, Pure Research

While visiting Eugene, he told me about a man who had come to take soil samples from the formation and that I should contact him. His name is Peter Turrell and he did some chromagraphs of the plant and soil samples at the Orton/East Garafaxa formation. I knew immediately when I saw them, that something special was happening there. You could see it.

Peter mentioned that the energy level in the barley had increased a hundred fold and if we could duplicate this process, we might not need to fertilize any more crops. The brilliance of the colors in the chromagraphs brought a peace to me, for I had seen and felt this energy before.

Chromagraph of Peter Turrell’s barley sample from East Garafaxa © Peter Turrell

It had passed through my hands. A compass would spin in my hand after listening to the unusually loud beeping sound in my backyard, often accompanied by dancing white lights, and I would have sharp glimpses of a more defined reality through my psychic senses. I grew a huge 75 lb. cabbage the summer of my close encounter. I was “in tune” with these forces. There is an ability to forsee things into the future, vivid dreams, deja vu… all things that eventually come to pass.

Since 1975, I have been seeking answers to all the unusual things that had happened to me. I started looking for other cases of beeping ufos and I found them. There were other major areas besides Southern Ontario, and they are well-documented. One area is out in Alberta, one in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon states, especially around the Puget Sound area. There are other isolated cases across the US, but these areas were very active from the 1960’s onward. So active, that the Airforce and the Department of Civil Defense was called in to investigate. Locals were sitting up in trees with flashlights and shotguns. Radio stations all the way to New York City and even the widely read national LOOK magazine were describing the pandemonium these “beeping” sounds were producing. The caption from LOOK was “Happening at Hoogdal: An Unidentified Beeping Object”- “but what happened there the week of May 8, 1967 was mayhem. It was mass re-action, possibly the nations’ first, to what many feel was a month long visit by a guest from outer space.” A local paper went further suggesting that “anyone with a road side stand selling little Beep-Beep dolls could have made a fortune.”

Although the Airforce funded the now famous Condon Report (Project Blue Book), their attempts at solving the beeping mystery seemed to end when a local farmer shot into some trees and felled a six inch Saw Whet owl. I personally can discredit their findings because I have done a more labor-intensive investigation into all of these ufo reports and locations and came up with eight other tape recordings (besides my own) of these beeping sounds that were recorded during these ufo flaps. These beeping sounds were heard over AM, FM, longwave, shortwave, CB and car radios.

I have Airforce reports from the “Survivors of the Beep Beep,” with handwritten drawings of the same ufo that I saw, even the same dimensions. I also have tape-recorded eye witness accounts. The beeping was so prevalent in Southern Alberta in the 1960’s that a group of dedicated ufo researchers put together an LP (that’s long playing album for you younger folks) with many interviews with local residents who encountered these beeping ufos.

So why do I think these have anything to do with crop circles, besides the two that appeared in Orton 27 years apart? Because I started mapping out all the beeping ufo locations on an atlas, and Colin Andrews (the world’s leading crop circle researcher) gave me all the locations of the North American crop circle sites and I transposed them on my beeping ufo locations.

What I found was a direct correlation with all these areas, both phenomena were happening in the same locations, all within a 100 mile radius of each other.

In Part III, I’ll get into these locations at length, and show the results of the sound analysis of the beeping sounds compared to the saw-whet owl. Then, you too, can follow these sounds and these crop circle locations with me, and make your own analysis of this developing situation.

Lindy Tucker is the founder of Pure Research and a long-time researcher of crop circles and other unexplained phenomena

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