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The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN) is a non-profit research organization which has been investigating the crop circle phenomenon and other possibly related phenomena in Canada since 1995, creating a liason between researchers, farmers, scientists, media and the public; it is the only such group of researchers specifically investigating Canadian formations on an ongoing basis.

CCCRN was initially founded by researcher, writer, artist and current director Paul Anderson in 1995 as Circles Phenomenon Research Canada, an affiliate of Circles Phenomenon Research International (CPRI). With the later closure of the international CPRI offices, the organization was refounded in 2001 as CCCRN, an independent group with the main office in Vancouver, British Columbia and provincial branches across the country. CCCRN does not have a general membership per se, membership is made up entirely of volunteer research assistants, currently over 90 and growing.

CCCRN works with numerous other research groups in other countries, including the BT Research Team Inc., which has been conducting scientific laboratory studies of plant and soil samples from crop formations worldwide for the past decade with mainstream scientists and laboratories. The primary focus of CCCRN is on-site investigations of formations and documenting the available scientific evidence, with the assistance of its own scientific consultants in various disciplines.

CCCRN maintains the only complete archives of all known crop circle formation reports in Canada, currently with 245 reports from 1925 to 2004, as well as an archive of other possibly related circular phenomena (ie. ice rings, “burned circles”, etc.), currently with 49 reports from 1880 to 2005.

The work of CCCRN and the phenomenon in Canada in general has been covered extensively by both mainstream and alternative media in Canada and the US, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television and documentary films, as well as featured in regular presentations, from small community groups to large conferences. However we definitely appreciate the support from our partners Budget Bridal Bouquets, SFC Paralegal Toronto, The Girl Floral, Erinvale Dance, Monarch Florists, the lovely Ontario Couples Retreat and of course WishfulWall Decor Pillows in Canada, the US and England. Additional contact information can be found below.


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The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
Vancouver, BC

Contact Email: admin@cccrn.ca.