Adopting Green Methods of Farming

dopting Green Methods of Farming

Modern agriculture has become more dependent on chemical fertilizers to increase crop yields and ensure better quality of products.

This has been a cause of alarm for consumers because of the possibility of chemical transfer to fruits and vegetables. To counter this scenario, different communities started working together to exchange ideas and techniques to ensure the stability of their livestock and agricultural produce. Continue Reading →

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Getting to Know your Food

Getting to Know your FoodOne distinct advantage of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is that it builds better relationships within the community. These small farm clusters often support each other by providing help in the form of manpower resource and additional supplies.

A major benefit of this set up is the strengthening of the natural network between the farms and their workforce. In the end, it is more than just producing fresh goods because it affirms the bond of the community members. Continue Reading →

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Security for your Garden

We gardeners consider our pieces of agricultural land their little green havens, or large, as the case may be. We spend so much time working the soil, tending our crops, and really get into our research. We’re passionate about what we do, and derive great fulfillment from coaxing life out of the land. We are awed by the beauty of each aspect our earthly, and at the same time otherworldy, experience, and relish the fruits of our labor.

Although we do what we do for the love of gardening, and for the love of Mother Earth and concern for our fellow human beings, we agri-lovers are definitely not just going to give our gardens up to just any unscrupulous person who wants to take what we worked so hard for, what we poured our hearts and souls into. We shouldn’t! Whether our yield is for our own consumption or for selling or trading with others, we’ve got to take steps to protect what’s ours – of course, in ways that are not harmful to the environment and humanity.

A fence and a locked gate is our first line of defense. In the UK, where the definition of the “English Garden” is beginning to include not just ones bursting with blooms and other pretty plants, but also ones that bear fruits, roots, and other vegetables, gardeners take security quite seriously. We wanted an expert in keeping everything secure, so used a locksmith in Winchester ( to keep both the cabbages and the cabbage roses safe.

Motion-triggered floodlights are next. People with dark and nefarious intentions do not like being in the light. Installing floodlights would keep our gardens, and all that are in them and wander into them, even in the night. But keeping lights on the whole time is not very eco-friendly and is a waste of energy and resources, even if we used LED lights, hence the motion sensors. We just want to lights to come on when they need to come on. Powering these using sustainable energy – solar, wind, or hydro, would be an additional plus.

What about the non-human intruders? Some may be scared off by lights, but some are not. The answer may lie in the fences, which can address rodents and the non-flying kind of animals. We just have to make sure the fences don’t have gaps big enough for them to get through. As for bats, birds and other creatures of flight, perhaps some netted roofing can be used.

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Valuable Tips for Planting Trees

If investing in the future is something you like to do, then consider planting a tree. Of course, if you have a large acreage of timberland, you can grow trees for a profit; but this is not what this article is about. Investment here refers to making the environment still livable for the future generations by planting a tree today. You need not own a vast tract of land to do this. In fact, you can plant one in your backyard or in your community garden.

For the novice, choosing what to plant, where and how to plant a tree can be confusing. There are so many varieties available and each has its own planting characteristics. If your tree planting plans are overwhelming you, then you might find the tips below useful.

First, find a good site to plant your tree. Ideally, it should have healthy soil and adequate light and water conditions. Additionally, it there should be enough room for the tree to grow – for the roots below and for the branches overhead. Major items to look out for are utility lines. If you see ones that are nearby, then your site is probably not a good one. Branches that encroach on utility lines have to be cut; and considering the growth rate of trees, you might have to call on trimming professionals every now and then. Luckily, companies like have websites like this that provide you with easy access to their contact information.

The ones overhead are easy to spot but there might also be power lines buried underground. Remember that tree roots can grow extensively and they might damage those that are underneath. You may have to ask your local utility company for this kind of information, to ensure that your tree does not cause any power disruption in the future.

Soil health is very important for tree growth as well. A depth of thirty inches of good soil is ideal for a tree. How acidic or alkaline the soil can be depends on the kind of tree you want to plant but trees do extremely well between the pH levels of 5.5 to 7. Take note of the water holding capacity of the soil, too. Water passes rapidly through sandy soil and clay might hold it for too long. If possible, have the soil tested by professionals so they can recommend any enhancement that it may need.

In selecting a tree for your site, envision its size years from now. Undoubtedly, trees grow and the seedling in your hand will be a mere fraction of its size when it is fully grown. Remember that it will grow in length and width and will have a particular shape as well. Also, bear in mind that you will be trimming the tree at regular intervals to guide its growth through the years. Hence, your household expenses will include a seasonal tree trimming cost. This site can give you a good idea on how much such cost will be.

You might also want to take into account the other trees found in your community. Horticulturists encourage planting trees that are native to a certain locality because it will be more suited to the conditions. Healthier trees are better able to withstand diseases, drought, injury, pollution and the elements.

The world just celebrated International Earth Day, for people to be more aware of the importance of creating a healthier environment for all. Make it a year-round celebration by planting a tree today.

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Achieving an Organic Food-Only Diet Through Binary Options Trading

It’s really amazing how more and more people are now becoming aware of the benefits of consuming organic food. It goes without saying that organic food is so much healthier than food produced in a mechanical way. When comparing fruits and vegetables produced through an organic way to those that aren’t, one can see that the former has a lot more nutritional content. In fact, in some cases, fruits and vegetables that are produced in a mechanical way are actually contaminated with harmful chemicals. Because of this, if one really wants to be safe and reap the many benefits of eating vegetables and fruits, one should only eat produce that’s produced in an organic way.

The good news for people is that it is now quite easier to gain access to organic food. In fact, many people who have organic food-based diets actually don’t have to spend that much when it comes to organic food; this is because they have a garden at their home where they cultivate produce in an organic manner. By relying on their own garden for their nutritional needs, they are able to save on costs and are able to ensure that the food they are eating is really organic. Of course, while having one’s own garden is cost-efficient in the long run, the cost of putting one up may be too much for some people. Luckily, though, there’s one way many people can easily build funds for their organic farming needs: binary options trading.

What exactly is binary options trading? To put it simply, binary options trading is a kind of online trading which involves guessing whether the prices of assets go up or down by a certain time. The key to earning huge profits from binary options trading is to make correct guesses most of the time. The good news for everyone is that by working with a good brokerage, one can significantly increase their chances of making profitable trades.

To most people from all over the world, the most reliable binary options brokerage is Banc de Binary. Many people ask: Is Banc de Binary illegal? Is Banc de Binary good? The answer is yes, on both counts. Banc de Binary is regulated by the CySec, so people can be sure that they are doing good business with the brokerage all the time. As for what makes Banc de Binary good, well, there are a lot of things that contribute to this end. For one, Banc de Binary employs brokers who are always ready to help the brokerage’s clients. Just by getting in touch with these brokerages, clients of Banc de Binary can get expert help when it comes to placing high-risk/high-reward trades. As you would expect, being able to get in touch with expert brokers all the time helps the clients make amazing trades most of the time.

Hopefully, through this post, you have gained great ideas as to how you can achieve an organic food-only diet. If you plan to put up your own garden but don’t have the resources for such a task now, remember that it’s still certainly possible with Banc de Binary.

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Sustainable Agricultural Food Supply

The rising increase of today’s world population is also giving rise to a new issue that concerns finding the adequate supply of food sources to sustain our need of it. This alarming issue has been presented since the late 1980′s in view of our plight of finding resources that will provide us with enough food to ensure our survival as a specie. As of date, we have already reached the 7 billion marker in regards to the number of growing people that need to find adequate food supply to sustain ourselves. This is not an easy task to undertake as we need the right technology to ensure that we can produce the right kind of crops that will be used as food source for our continuing population growth. Modern science has already taken the steps to alter the natural growth of specific plant species that are mostly considered as a source of food crops by modifying their basic genetic structure to be more resilient to the changing global climate that is making most of available food crops to succumb to the effect of global warming and other related climactic changes.

This was at first, a wonderful and innovative approach until further research has determined that the use of G.M.O. (Genetically Modified Organisms) can alter our natural body metabolism and result in the reduction of our reproductive capacity as a result of thorough laboratory research done on mice. It was proven, without a doubt that G.M.O. crops can possibly reduce the chances of a human beings capability to properly reproduce, despite the assurance of scientific researchers that it will not otherwise. Another issue of G.M.O. is that it also has the possibility of altering ore human genome in regards to cell development which can result in mutated gene cells that can cause cancer and other detrimental growth effects that does us more harm than good. This is a dilemma in which has triggered a division of social opinions regarding the ethical consumption of genetically modified food crops.

As a society that is searching for viable means of sustaining our food supply to ensure our survival in the coming days, we are divided in our opinions whether or not we should be complacent in using this technology to develop crops to sustain ourselves despite of the risks involve that may well become the reason for our downfall as a specie. In a different point of view, we may well still have to struggle in augmenting our food resources in regards to being able to meet up with the continuing growing demand for viable food sources. In between these issues, some people have opted to improve current agricultural technologies without going into as so much as altering the natural growth of crops to ensure that they will be able to meet the demands in regards to food crops.

Most modern methods of electric smoker and you suddenly need to get some fresh fruits and vegetables to go along with the meal that you are preparing for your guests. All you have to conveniently do is walk straight up to your garden and pick it fresh from where you are hanging them. Since they do not need soil to grow properly, you do not have to dig into your garden to cultivate them.

For personal needs, hydroponics is a viable means of converting the spare empty spaces around your house in which you can start propagating fruits and vegetables for your own use, but when it comes to a much larger scale, crop rotation would be more viable for a larger community. Crop rotation is an effective way to optimize the different types of food crops in regards to the seasons and soil conditions. Having to contend with one or two types of food crop for the whole planting season used to be a fairly good way of providing food for a community. Unfortunately, we are now being faced with a problem concerning climatic changes which drastically has led to the shorter lifespan of certain agricultural crops and has made us adjust the way we plant in order to ensure that we have the right type of food crops for the right season.

A fairly good example would be other Asian countries that use crop rotation all year round. In China, their staple crop is rice and flour but as soon as fall starts to creep in, they will start on planting green leafy vegetables, beans and nuts. As soon as winter comes in, they will have ample supply of nuts and leafy vegetables that will sustain them through out the whole winter season. This has enabled them to efficiently ensure their adequate supply of food during times of scarcity as optimizing the use of their agricultural lands by planting 4 to 5 types of crops within a whole year. This type of diversifying the types of crops that can be planted can greatly reduce the chances of the possibility of ending up with an alarming level of food to sustain a community, which should give us no reason for having to take our chances of consuming genetically modified crops in the near future, for our own safety and well being.

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The New Style of Gardening!

The traditional approach to gardening for amateurs has been tried and tested for decades: sow seeds in your garden, water, then watch them grow.

With technology developing rapidly, perhaps it’s time to bring gardening out of the dark ages and add a little science to the practice.

Let me introduce you to hydroponics.

Hydroponics has been around for quite some time, and many commercial crop growers use a form of hydroponics to grow your food. Recently, as the technology gets smaller in size, a number of manufacturers have created a system designed to be used by the amateur gardener, right from the comfort of his very own home!

So what exactly is hydroponics?

Well, a hydroponic system is an artificially created, secluded environment that provides your plants with the absolute optimal growing conditions. They are taken out of the soil and placed in a systematic lay out where they are then watered by the system.

You see, soil is needed by the plants for two main reasons. The first is support. The plants anchor their roots in the soil which helps them stay upright. Second, there are nutrients in the soil which the plant absorbs, and are necessary for growth.

If plants can get their support and their nutrients elsewhere, they won’t need soil at all. In fact, soil is full of pests and disease and so it can actually be damaging for your plants to be grown in it.
In a hydroponic system, all the benefits of soil are replaced, and then plenty more added. The plants are rooted in what is called a growing medium, which is specifically chosen based on its ability to retain oxygen and absorb water. This growing medium will provide the plant all the support it needs, but with the added bonus of it being isolated from all manner of pests and disease.

The hydroponic system also has a central reservoir filled with water. Soluble nutrients are dissolved into the water, meaning the water is an abundant resource of nutrients. This water is then fed to the plants, allowing them to get all the nutrients they could ever need. In fact, they generally get a far better supply of nutrients than soil can provide because the soluble nutrients are mixed very specifically to provide an optimal scientific mix that would be very unlikely to be found in nature.

Every other aspect of the growing process is controlled within the confines of the system. It can be set up and adjusted to water plants at specific times of the day – meaning no more dependence on unreliable rain or manual labour to water the plants. A lighting system can be incorporated, as can a heating system, allowing your plants to receive the optimal amount of sunlight and temperature.

Essentially, a hydroponic system allows you to control every aspect of growing. You can tweak every variable to suit the needs of your plants. Many of these variables have been extensively studied, meaning you can benefit from years of scientific research and give your plants growing conditions that are as close to perfect as is possible.

It’s no wonder more and more gardeners are taking things to the next level with hydroponics. For more info visit this new site about hydroponics. There’s tonnes of resources and this is one of the best. You might also want to visit Organic Gardening site.

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How Organic Foods Can Help Urethra Prolapse

It’s no secret that changes in your diet and lifestyle can dramatically improve your health. Eating organic foods is the easiest way to get vital vitamins and nutrients into your body. The medical industry is starting to realize how food can act as a medicine, and doctors are changing their view on its healing qualities. When you put good stuff into your body, it reacts positively; when you put chemicals and additives into your system, your body rejects them.

When a person consumes food, their body breaks it down into small molecules that carry information to every cell in their body. This information tells the cells what to do; it helps them renew, repair and heal themselves. When you eat the right food, your body goes into overdrive; it heals itself in ways that wouldn’t be possible if you ate processed junk food.

Researchers have made huge strides in treating urethra prolapse with organic foods. Switching to organic foods can help in the following ways:

Avoid Prolapse Trigger Chemicals

When you eat organically, you avoid the cocktail of chemicals that are found in most commercially grown foods. There’s more than 600 active chemicals that can legally be added into non-organic foods; it’s estimated that the average person eats about 20 pounds of these chemicals in a year.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, many of these chemicals haven’t been tested for long-term health effects. A pesticide called chlorpyrifos has been specifically linked to muscle degeneration by the CDC. It’s estimated that about 98 percent of commercially grown crops are exposed to this pesticide at one time or another.

Researchers believe that this pesticide can weaken the muscles that support the urethra; when this happens, a prolapse is about 38 percent more likely to occur. Cutting out commercially grown produce cuts your risk of a prolapse by a significant percentage.

More Nutrients

When your body has the nutrients it needs, it can work to heal itself. When you starve your body of nutrients, it goes into survival mode; this makes it impossible for your body to regenerate cells properly.

Studies done in the Journal of Alternative Medicine show that organically grown foods contain extra vitamins and nutrients. When these foods pass through your system, your body digests them very easily. According to the top online resource on urethra prolapse, this allows your body’s restorative functions to properly fight off the illness.

Avoid Antibiotics

Conventional meat is loaded with antibiotics and chemicals. Studies have linked the overuse of antibiotics to an increased risk of cancer and urethra prolapse. Researchers think that antibiotics interfere with the body’s ability to battle bacteria in the urethra. When this bacteria multiplies, it can lead to pressure and infection; eventually, this leads to a complete urethra prolapse.

Switching to organic foods can do wonders for your body. New research proves that a urethra prolapse can be completed prevented when you eat the right foods. If you’re struggling with the condition, use food to medicate and strengthen your body. Eventually, your symptoms will completely disappear.


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Can Trampolines Increase A Sense Of Community?

Modern society is a curious thing.

On the one hand we keep being told that, as 21st century citizens, we are intrinsically more selfish than ever before and it is all about the ‘self’ while, on the other, due to the events of recent years, communities have come together and shown solidarity in the face of adversity.

So, which one is it?

In all honesty it is a combination of both. Communities have been strengthened in recent years of that there is no doubt however human beings are still retaining their sense of individualism. It is true that many people are searching for ways to enhance community spirit and a trampoline club is one such method.

Many local organizations have gone out to find the best trampoline which includes a safe trampoline for your kids. These clubs have been used in many communities across the country and they are having a great effect on the local population.

They are certainly helping to create a better community spirit as not only is it providing a safe way for children to socialize, interact and enjoy themselves but it is also giving parents a chance to mingle as well. Indeed, being parents to children can often stop them from socializing with people their own age on a regular basis and a trampoline club provides this luxury.

However these types of schemes also have a far reaching effect as well. There is the health part of the club to think about too and as Trampoliners themselves say, the best trampoline for kids can really improve their fitness levels and their health. Using a trampoline itself is a fantastic way to keep in shape and stay healthy regardless of age and if you have the chance to do this in a social setting them it provides much more motivation and encouragement.

The real problem with trampoline clubs and setting them up in the first place is funding. Many clubs that are running at the minute are doing so via donations and funds set up by the local parents and while this is admirable it shouldn’t come out of their pocket. Local authorities have been helping in some place to ensure that these types of funding are kept intact however the economic climate is all about cutting back as opposed to spending.

We can try and offer advice for anyone who is interested in organizing or setting up a trampoline club for their kids and for adults as well. It have been proven to be a way to socialize, interact and engage in a community spirit while also providing a healthy and fun activity.

If funding can be secured then it would be fantastic to see local trampoline clubs spring up all over the country as the ones that are in existence have been a complete success on all levels. Rather than thinking of the self and individualism in 2014 the emphasis should be on community and building community spirit and a trampoline club is a great way to do this.


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Natural Fitness Supplement Info

“There are hundreds of fitness supplements on the market today.”

Out of all the supplements out there, which ones are worth taking? And what do they do? Every supplement on the market can fit into one of four categories: Muscle building, weight loss, sports, and general health. Each one of these has a specific purpose and a different combination of macro nutrients.

The purpose of a supplement is to add “something extra” to help you achieve your goal. Supplements are meant to enhance your progress. They are not a replacement for proper diet and exercise so try to use them alongside a suitable diet and exercise program such as biking and you will make faster progress.

With that being said, fitness supplements can do countless things for your body including:

Enhance muscle size and strength.
Build muscle faster.
Decrease recovery time.
Burn fat.
Provide low calorie meals.
Control hunger.
Provide energy boosts.
Provide you with essential nutrients.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

With all the weight loss programs and diets flooding the market, natural weight loss supplements are often overlooked.

Not only are natural supplements very effective, but they are also a lot healthier than most weight loss supplements on the market. Losing weight naturally helps to prevent dozens of side effects that can be caused by diet pills.

The best part about natural weight loss supplements is that they play a key role in rapid healthy weight loss. Natural supplements have the ability to control your appetite, boost your metabolism, create a thermogenic effect, and much more.

Herbs with Weight Loss Benefits
Herbs are weight loss supplements in their purest form – right off of the plant. Herbs are completely natural and grown in the wild – they are not engineered in a laboratory with tons of added artificial ingredients; which can cause health problems later down the road.

Many herbs, such as green tea, are included in popular weight loss pills.

Green Tea
Garcinia Cambogia
Guarana Seed

Natural Supplements with Weight Loss Benefits

Supplements are generally extracts from various things in nature, such as herbs, and are used to control your daily intake of certain nutrients.

In addition to helping in weight loss, a lot of these supplements also treat and prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Soy Protein

Natural Weight Loss Books
There are a few good books on natural weight loss that I would recommend.

TCM: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts
The Dragon’s Way addresses the root cause of your weight problems and offers a remarkable six-week program that shows you how to reach your optimum weight and stay there for life.

Weight Loss Pills
Most pills are a combination of some of the above herbs and supplements with a little extra added in. These diet pills can be more effective at loosing weight and burning body fat than other supplements, but it is up to you to decide if the potential health effects are worth it.

Many pills on the market today have several known side effects. Diet pills are also a fairly new technology, so there are no studies for potential long term side effects.

A final note about natural health and fitness supplements: You still need to incorporate exercise into your day-to-day routine to get the results you’re looking for. A supplement just enhances the effect; it is not the sole contributor.

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When Healthy Eating Turns Out to Be Bad For Your Health

More and more people are now consuming organic food. This is because they now realize that organic food is really good for their health. The fact that organic food is now much less costly to produce has also contributed to the increasing popularity of organic food. There are now many restaurants in Oshawa that only serve organic food, and what’s really amazing is that the food served by these restaurants is really amazing. Healthy food doesn’t necessarily equate with bad-tasting food anymore. When one thinks about all these things, there really is no valid reason to avoid having a diet that consists of all-organic food anymore.

I support many of the organic food restaurants in the area; I regularly eat at them. However, just because they say they serve the freshest, healthiest food doesn’t automatically mean that they actually take great care to do so. Most organic food restaurants in the area really do a great job at serving healthy food, but some don’t. In fact, there have been cases where some of the local organic restaurants served food that lead to their customers developing food poisoning. What’s really unfortunate was that these weren’t simple cases of food poisoning; the cases reported were severe. The good news is that food poisoning victims can actually do something about such situations: by getting help from an Oshawa personal injury attorney, they can get rightful compensation from the restaurant that caused them harm.

You might think that accident attorneys only handle workplace injury cases, wrongful death suits, and the like, but this isn’t actually the case. They also handle food poisoning injuries. And what’s great is that through their help, food poisoning victims can actually get maximum compensation for what they suffered through. Of course, food poisoning cases may be hard to prove; should you ever be put in such a situation, you have to immediately call your personal injury lawyer so that they are able to gather much needed evidence for your claims. The earlier you act, the higher the chance that the outcome of your case will be very favourable.

“My husband and I ate out at this one restaurant in the city. We’re both vegetarians, so we only ordered the freshest organic food on their menu. We thought we’d go home feeling satisfied with our dining experience, but the opposite happened. We developed extreme food poisoning. Luckily, my husband was friends with this one personal injury lawyer. He took care of the legal side of things while we were recuperating, and we got hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation thanks to him,” Marthe Lee Mason, a local artist, told us via e-mail.

Everyone should strive to eat healthy. Unfortunately, though, despite the fact the many restaurants in the area promote healthy eating, some of them actually don’t care about their customer’s health. Should you become the victim of these establishments’ neglect, know that you can get help from a personal injury lawyer. Through the help of such a professional, you will be able to attain justice.

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Living Healthy in the Caymans

healthyLiving Healthy in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have become popular destinations for taking a holiday. The lovely tropical weather, vibrant culture and a world class hospitality industry, not to mention the clear azure waters off the coast where you can swim with the stingrays. The three islands: the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman offer incredible fun whether you are holidaying as a family, a couple or alone.

Compared to the rest of the Caribbean, the Caymans have become very popular destinations for people looking for long term stays. This, in turn, has spawned a lively holiday homes industry in choice locations, especially on the Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands.

Community Projects and Initiatives in the Caymans

The Caymans, despite their relative small size and the perceived affluence of the inhabitants still provide plenty of opportunities for those who are altruistic at heart. Philanthropic organization such as the one run by Kenneth Dart and family are frontrunners in offering grants to community causes.

Those looking to give back to the community can engage in such activities as:

1. Volunteering at the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands who offer mentorship to children and the youth in the islands.

2. Joining Volunteers for Prison Reading which is a charitable organization which runs a number of prison based programs including helping former inmates integrate back into society.

3. Joining the National Trust for Cayman Islands. The trust owns and protects more than 2,000 acres of nature reserves as well as a set of other historic properties on the islands. Members of the trust enjoy a host of privileges not always open to ordinary visitors to these sites and parks.

Visitors to the Caymans are always surprised at the drive and optimism of locals. Even after the destruction wrought upon the islands by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the islanders were up and rebuilding their homes, businesses and lives in a matter of days. The work of philanthropic organizations was crucial in this path to recovery. Ken Dart and the Dart Foundation gave a big helping hand as detailed on

Many Caymanians are enthusiastic about healthy lifestyles and you will find a gym or fitness centre within easy reach no matter where you choose to live on the Caribbean archipelago. You can also easily get a personal fitness trainer to visit you at home or help you work out at a park or the beach.

Other options for staying healthy and fit include pilates and yoga. Pilates is an innovative system of physical exercise suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Though not a uniquely Caymanian system, it is nonetheless very common especially in the Grand Cayman. The island also has a very active yoga community offering classes for both beginners and seasoned yogis.

Where to Eat Healthy in the Caymans

Caymanians are very meticulous when it comes to food such that everywhere you go you will find plenty of tempting culinary delights. As most island fare, you will be delighted with the healthy choices when it comes to both food and drinks. The following are the most highly regarded eating places for those looking for healthy foods while holidaying on the Caymans:

1. Bread and Chocolate in Georgetown, Grand Cayman

To cement its healthy menu fare, Bread and Chocolate went all vegan in June 2013. The restaurant offers a surprisingly wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes for a pure-vegan menu.

2. Island Naturals Café on West Bay Road, Grand Cayman

This café cum juice bar offers breakfast and lunch fare mainly comprising vegetarian foods as well as superfoods and gluten free meals. Eating at Island Naturals is an experience of itself and many people relish the outdoor seating and service.


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